M2H Designs Pattern Store

M2H Designs is my independant pattern line.  Currently these designs are available for purchase in my Ravelry Shop .



Shining Day Wrap





Spiraling Stripes Hat




Flatirons Shawl





Kellie Cowl




Whispering Winds Cowl




Vivianne Shawl




Lacy Snowflake – chart & text instructions



Mtn Top Beanie full view


Moutain Top Beanie




Spiraling Xs Hat 3 Andee Graves

Spiraling Crosses Hat




Shawl as neck wrap

Mountain Whisper Shawl





Anna Moebius Cowl






Ebb & Flow Scarf






Granny Fans Redux





Infinite Grande Cowl





Paris Garden Scarf





Eleonora Shawlette



Purple Hat on Table Model small-1

Perfect Fit Crocheted Hat (Teaching Pattern)

Twisted Garden Cowl - M2H Designs

Twisted Garden Cowl

Spiraling Crosses Gauntlets - Andee Graves/M2H Designs

Spiraling Crosses Gauntlets

Twisted Vs Cowl - M2H Designs

Twisted Vs Cowl

Tumbling Leaves Scarf - M2H Designs

Tumbling Leaves Scarf


Luv Bug (Available in 2 different format sizes)

Little Christmas Wreath - M2H Designs

Little Christmas Wreath


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