Lace with a Twist Wrap – errata

Published in Crochet! Magazine March/April 2010

The easiest way to join the foundation round is to work your foundation single crochet base (be sure to use this stitch and not a chain with sc worked into it…that won’t be elastic enough and will pucker the fabric). Lay it out flat on a table top or such. Then fold it back along itself, the 2 “ends” are now together.

Flip one end (180 degrees) so the top of the single crochet is at the bottom of the single crochet on the other end. Slip stitch into the bottom of the opposite end, then thread the tail end from the beginning to close the gap.  You now have a mobius strip (albeit a very narrow one). As you work the first round the fabric grows on both “sides” of that strip.

In a mobius shape both “sides” are worked at the same time.  So ignore the instructions for a 2nd side, the “first side” completes the project.

Also in the “first side” instructions it should say after Round 5 to (repeat Rounds 4 & 5) 3 times then one more round 4 . Otherwise you do not have the correct set-up for doing the finishing round.

For further information about this design check out my blog post: The Twists and Turns of a Mobius

For further explaination of a mobius strip:

4 thoughts on “Lace with a Twist Wrap – errata

  1. So then I’m not turning at each round’s end but continuing in true rounds? I can’t tell you how much I want to make this garment and how many times I have re-started it.
    I’m so glad I met up with Andrea!

    1. Pat, You do turn at the end of each round. Otherwise one “side” of your mobius will be the “right side” of your fabric and the other the “wrong side” of your fabric. By turning each round you keep the fabric on either “side” of the foundation looking more balanced.

      Hope this helps.

  2. My 92 year old mom is attempting this and is getting frustrated. She is good at crochet but seems timid about something new. She thinks it is not right. She has set out to make the single crochet foundation but her strip is approximately 4 yards long. She is REALLY wanting to make the “lace with a twist wrap” but we have no one for assistance. I do not crochet and she does not use the Internet. Is this too long a strip to start the wrap? When making the “gauge” to 4 inches, what stitch are you using?

    1. Yes, the foundation is approximately 4 feet long before joining. 46″ inches for the Size Small/Medium and 53″ for the Size Large/XLarge. If she doesn’t do the internet, maybe print out my “errata” page for her?

      A typicial single crochet row worked into a chain tends to be too tight (as I said in on the errata post) but she could use a size larger hook to make a chain with sc stitches to substitute for the Foundation Single Crochet stitch. Then switch back to the hook that gave her gauge. The gauge stitch is the Foundation Single Crochet, not the Single Crochet. Hope this all helps.

      To me this is one of the exciting things about crochet, no matter how long we have been using the hooks…there are always new things to learn.

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