Summer Arrives

I am doing the “Snoopy Happy Dance” because it finally feels like summer up here on the mountain.  I’ve had all the windows in the house open to encourage a lovely breeze and the thermometer may have actually registered over 85F a few times.

With all this warm weather I’ve decided to do loads of house and yard tasks and a good scrubbing in the shower was a neccesity after all that sweating. While showering I was thinking about my on-going search for the ideal exfoliating bath scrubbie. 

I used to purchase a product call the “Buff Puff” at the local drugstore. It was gentle enough for my sometimes fragile skin and yet effective at helping remove the layers of “ick” that accumulate far too quickly. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find them anymore.

I have played on and off with crocheting my own scrubbies, but haven’t been all that happy with the results. Generally, the best have involved cutting up strips of Tulle type fabric to crochet with.  After my shower the other day though…inspiration struck.

I taught crochet to my youngest son’s pre-school class this spring and had taken some colorful balls of Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick Chunky yarn for them to use. 

This is a very fun 100% acrylic yarn that has some “tooth” to it, yet is quite thick and I theorized that it would be absorbent to lather up nicely without holding onto the moisture so long to become a mold farm.  The yarn is also very washable and can go thru the laundry.

It was time for an experiment.  I used a simple hyperbolic formula to stitch up a mid-sized scrubbie.  My quick little pattern is below.  Stitch up a few for yourself or as gifts for friends. If you want them bigger, just add rounds until you like the finished size, though remember with more rounds you get more ruffles.

Summer Shower Scrubbie – by Andee Graves


Lion Brand Thick and Quick Chunky – Green Mountain (approximately 14 yards)

Susan Bates P/11.5mm hook

1 Large locking stitch marker

Pattern note:  All rounds are worked spirally. Use a stitch marker to mark the last st of each round, moving up as each round is completed.


Round 1: Starting with an adjustable slip knot, chain 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook. Place stitch marker in 6th sc.

Round 2: 2 sc in each st of round 1. [12 sc]

Round 3: 2 sc in each st of round 2. [24 sc]

Round 4: 2 sc in next 23 sts, sc in next st, sl st in next st, ch 6, sl st in next st and fasten off. [47 sc, 6 chs]

Finish by weaving in the beginning and ending tails, and it’s bath time.