An Inverse Operation

Today I am attempting to catch my breath after a whirlwind week of work and fun at the Greensboro Chain Link show.  Last you heard from me I was packing up to head out.

I spent most of this past Monday traveling home. As my husband drove me home from the airport I was amazed to see all the Autumn color that had made an appearance on our mountain in such a short period of time.  Even down in the plains around Denver and Boulder there were dashes of fall color in the foliage.

My Front Yard

Now comes the un-packing (the Inverse Operation mentioned in the title), the piles of laundry from my travels as well as the accumulation of dirty clothes from my family to be dealt with.

Once I get that all ticking along I’ll be taking some pictures of the yummy yarn that came home with me as well as other tales of Chain Link. Though, still respecting Doris Chan’s rule that “What happens at Chain Link, stays at Chain Link”. 

Amazing enough, I didn’t consume gobs of chocolate this time, was far too busy to actually remember it. Must do better next year.

Packing for Chain Link

Packing for my annual trip to the CGOA Chain Link conference is always an interesting experience.

First I need to choose a minimal amount of clothing.  I want to have plenty of room when heading back to fit all the wonderful yarn I won’t be able to resist.

Then choose crochet items to go with clothing.  Why haven’t I made more stuff for myself lately?!  Ugh!

Look desperately thru sketch pad and stash for quick projects and yarn to make up a few nice items.   Get lost and distracted by the stash, the sketch pad and the stitch dictionaries.

Completely cover guest bed with the various items I want to include.

Re-discover pieces I forgot about, check to see if any will work for this trip.  Realize that I’ve got 10 more ideas I want to create proposals for to bring with me.  Realize there are only 5 days left until I leave for Greensboro.  Run around in circles screaming with waving arms, frightening the cat and amusing the children.

After finished with above exercise resume packing in a calm and orderly manner.  Make sure not to forget the chocolate.

A Little Rain must Fall

Fall Color Starting to Appear

I’m sure you all know that saying, “Into every life a little rain must fall.”  It has been a very rainy and chilly couple of days here on my mountain and despite missing the warmth and light of the sun I am quite grateful to see the moisture.

Some of you may recall that last year the week following Labor Day was a bit too exciting for my family and heart-breaking for many of our community.  The Four-Mile Canyon Fire was challenging fire crews to contain it and all this was not helped by dry windy weather.  By the time the fire was fully contained 169 homes and 6000 acres of land had been burned.

So the rain is welcome, despite heralding the end of summer, as it decreases the likelihood of another wildfire any time soon. Proof that every cloud has a silver lining.

The Wrong Side of the Lens

I don’t know how many of my readers share my aversion to having their photo taken, but I really prefer to be behind the lens and not in front of it.

Recently it was brought to my attention that I needed a current photo of me for professional reasons. So today my dear foster-brother DJ and I had a photography session using my lovely mountain back yard for our studio.

Comedy reigned supreme, as seen above…..but bless DJ he hung in there and got some shots that would work.

It has given me a greater appreciation for those that model regularly in the various magazines and such.  I’m definitely happier stitching and working out the math for designs.