Foster Puppy!

There is a puppy at my house. Yes, I know, it wasn’t like I wasn’t already busy. But my family and I decided to become fosters for the Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue.

This is part of my resoluation to do more volunteer work in my community.  My husband and I love animals. Before we had children, there were a few years when we had 3 dogs and 3 cats. 

Organizations like RMLR depend heavily on Foster homes as they don’t have a dedicated shelter facility. Which means they can’t take more dogs than they can place in foster homes.  Sadly, there are many dogs needing a safe haven.

Now, a puppy wasn’t what we had in mind when we decided to foster. We were thinking of dogs around 3-5 years old. But this sweet little guy (called Beatty) needed a place to stay for a bit, so he is hanging out with us. 

I had really forgotten what it is like to have a puppy in the household. He is going to keep us on our toes while he is here. Fortunately, puppies tend to get adopted fairly quickly. Though I may have to pry the puppy out of my beloved’s hands to give him to his adoptive family when the time comes.  Himself is becoming very attached and we haven’t even had the puppy 24 hours.

I am getting inspired though about a crochet project especially for our foster doggies (and maybe other foster homes too).  This little guy has been in 2 foster homes the last 72 hours, and will eventually be going to his forever home. So I’m hoping to make some kennel pads using 3 strands of washable worsted weight yarn.  Then the adoptive families can take it with them to help the dogs make the transition to their new home.

I’ll do a special post once I have come up with the pattern, to share with others. I’m sure that shelters in your area can use them too. If you are inspired to get started before I put something together, try the pattern I shared for “Boo’s Blanket”  but adjusting the size to be shorter and using a 3rd strand of yarn to create a cushier fabric.

Once last thought to leave you with. If you are looking into adding a dog (or cat) to your family, please check with local shelters and rescue organizations in your area instead of purchasing thru a breeder or pet store.  These animals make wonderful friends and you will save a life.  And remember to spay and neuter your pets.