It’s Dead Jim

Yes, that is a Trek reference. It’s been a little interesting attempting to write posts for the blog the past couple of months.  My lovely ergonomic split keyboard was finally on it’s last legs. Somedays it refused to allow me to type anything, so I pronounced it dead and ordered a new one.

I actually type very fast. Last time I was tested I was at 120wpm. Whether I’m still that fast remains to be seen. But I have made the computer lag in the past. Lovely thing about newer computers is they seem to process fast enough to keep up with my flying fingers.

Generally I only type that fast when writing rough drafts. Pattern writing and editing is naturally a slower process. But anyway it goes, having the keyboard being wonky is frustrating. No matter my typing speed, I really have to take care of my hands, and having a well designed ergonomic keyboard to work at is key.

Keyboard at desk

My new keyboard came a few weeks ago and I’ve been playing catch-up.  I am really thrilled with it. This new one is split, but it is also a reverse slant. The mouse is interesting as well, it’s taller and sort of sideways, which allows a more comfortable position for my hand and wrist. Some of these changes took me a bit of getting used to. I’ve noticed after nearly a week that I’m able to type faster and more comfortably than before.

Position of Hand on Mouse

If you are like me and spend a great deal of time working at a the computer you might want to check into this keyboard from Microsoft. It’s called the “Natural Ergonomic 7000 Desktop”. You can position the keyboard a number of different ways as it has a removable lift for creating the reverse slant and pop-up legs for a more traditional position.

My favorite change from my old keyboard is that the wireless hook-up is a small USB device about the size of most thumb drives. My previous keyboard had cables that needed to be connected to the computer with a large ovoid shaped transmitter that seemed to be constantly in the way on my desk.

Of course, now I am dreaming of saving up the funds to purchase a new laptop. Something lighter weight and powerful enough to run video editing software on.