What’s This?!

One of the fun things about being a designer, is sometimes you get surprises in the mail. Such was the case for me this past Wednesday, when I checked my mail that afternoon there was a package for me.

Of course, I ended up giving a lift to a neighbor, so the box got moved to the back seat of the car and I forgot about it. The next morning I drove my boys to school and when I was unloading them from the car I noticed the box. “I wonder what is in there” went thru my mind as I walked the boys into school. Once I was back home I grabbed the box and headed up the stairs into the house to open it.

Brown Paper Box2

The wrapping for the package was a bit banged up from it’s journey to reach me. Since the flood mess in September all our mail is being forwarded, so items sent to my Jamestown PO Box take a little longer to reach me. As you can see there were bits of black and red showing, which made me very curious.

Black Box

This was the box inside the brown paper.

Yarn in the Box

And this is what was inside the black box.

I’ve already worked with all of these yarns a bit, but I am excited about these colors. Especially the Red Sassy Lace. I can see something very fun for Valentine’s Day out of that.

Scan of Red Heart Brochure
Scan of Red Heart Brochure

I scanned the yarn information from that long card so you can see what a gorgeous variety of colors are available in each of these yarn lines. Click on the image to see it larger, or check out these yarns and the other new yarns for 2013 on the Red Heart website.

One of the easiest projects to make up with all of these yarns is a ruffled scarf. You can see them everywhere. If you haven’t tried making a scarf like those yet, Mikey from the Crochet Crowd has a great video showing a super easy way to crochet one with Sashay yarn (Mikey also has videos of how to crochet a scarf with the Sassy Fabric and Sassy Lace). I really like his technique for this as it gives lots of ruffles.

Only thing I would do different to how Mikey shows you is to start my ruffles a little further in from the beginning to leave a tail, then weave the beginning tail like he shows you to weave your ending tail. Just cause I am fussy about raw edges in my work.

With the holidays rapidly approaching these yarns would be great to work up gifts with, or make a snazzy scarf or pin for yourself to dress up your holiday outfits.