Yay Water!

As some of you might have heard, our water was out for 5 1/2 days last week. It was quite the adventure involving hauling in water from a local plumbed spring and a visit to my sister-in-laws to bathe.

Jugs of Water

We live in the mountains and though we are on public power our water and sewage are handled on our property. We have a septic tank and leech field for the sewage and a well for our water. Unfortunately last Saturday our well-pump gave up the ghost.

Our Heroes

Thursday Dave and Mike from CR Smith Drilling came to put in the new well pump. It was amazing that it only took them 2 hours to do it. They are our heroes. And very fortunately it didn’t cost too much to get this all sorted out.

One of the fun things about this happening is we got to learn more about our well. The last pump had been put in back in 1990 right before my husband bought this house. Our well is 210 feet deep and the water comes up to 35 feet from the top of the well. The flow from the well isn’t intense but is good and steady.  So we have a better understanding of the challenges we have had with our water pressure in the past.

Just the joys of living in the wilderness of Colorado.

Piles of Folded Laundry

This past weekend and today have been about laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.  I am packing for my 10 day trip to the East Coast for the Knit & Crochet Show.  I leave this Saturday and wanted to get the laundry caught up before I left, since my family will likely not be doing any of it while I am gone. There is also quite a bit of hand washing of my crochet goodies and re-blocking them so I have lovelies to wear at the show.

Really looking forward to seeing all my yarn loving friends again. I’ll be taking 4 classes this time and one of them is going to be a knitting class. Will see how that goes, there could be tears.