Day One of Knitting Love

Lonely Little Knitting Bag waiting for Love

Yesterday was supposed to be Day 1 and was a complete wash. Poor little knitting bag wasn’t even touched as I am still working on a crochet design project that needs to go out the door.  My month of Knitting Love is off to a rocky start.

Thing 2’s Valentines

My youngest son is in Pre-school and needed Valentines for a party at school.  So what is a crafty mom to do?

I did think about crocheting a bunch of little hearts, but they are a bit hard to sign. I’m always looking for opportunities for my littlest to practice writing his name. He is still at that stage where the order of the letters can be a bit tricky, so practice is good.

One of my crafting hobbies is Origami, though of late I haven’t had much time for it. I gathered up supplies for some Origami Valentines.

I drew hearts with the red pen on the index cards using the cookie cutter as a guide. Then printed “From” in each heart.  I sat my little guy down with the pen and an example of a heart with his name in it and let him sign his name in each heart.

Meanwhile I folded up  the “Love Tokens” from my “Origami Love Notes” book (one of my very favorite books for quick fun Origami written by Nick Robinson).  The tokens create a little envelope or pouch, depending on how you wish to seal it. I used the glitter heart stickers on the outside of the pouches and wrote “Happy Valentines Day” on the other side.

Then, after making rough cut-outs of the index card hearts, I stuck some other heart stickers on the backs of the resulting little cards and popped them into the pouches.  With better planning and more time this could be a fun project to do with your child.  My son is almost 5 and he loves to use scissors and put stickers on stuff.

A Month of Knitting Love

Okay, I know that title might be startling a few of you. Afterall, I am a crochet designer.

I can knit. But I’m absolutely garbage at it. All my own fault. Lack of practice is entirely to blame.

I taught myself to knit about 3 years ago from one of those kits at JoAnns. It was the first time I had gotten very far with knitting. Shortly after that I discovered Ravelry and became so distracted with all the wonderful crochet groups on there my knitting needles have been gathering dust. 

So I’ve decided to attempt a little experiment, starting on Valentines Day I am going to knit for 1/2 hour every day thru March 13th. These will be very small knitting experiments, fragments really. 

The lovely Sarah (who is a talented knitter)  gave me a set of the Interweave Knitting Stitches Cards last October.  In there is a wonderful card that clearly illustrates the various methods of casting on, binding off, increasing and decreasing. 

I will be keeping that card with my “Knitting Teacher” book and some appropriate yarn /needles for doing small bits of knitting in a project bag. Each day I’ll create and photograph a seperate little swatch that will eventually be used in a combo crochet/knit freeform piece. 

This all sounds grand in theory, but one will see if I succeed in fact.  I figure that if I can knit for 1/2 an hour everyday for 30 days that I will either overcome my ineptitude with knitting or I shall forever surrender to it.

Anyone want to take bets on how it all turns out? Leave a note in the comments and we will see what happens.

Feeling the Love

I always think of February as the month of love, so it is fitting to celebrate my latest pattern release from M2H Designs.  The Luv Bug. 

It is available thru my Ravelry Shop. My inspiration for the name for these cute little bugs are my adorable boys.  I call my sons Love Bugs or Cuddle Bugs on a regular basis, so creating a cuddly Luv Bug toy was a logical step.

These bugs are great fun to make.  A bit of instant gratification as they require very little yarn and minimal sewing.  Each bug is made up of 4 separate crocheted pieces, with the stitch work creating the nose, antenna and feet.  Sizing of the bugs depends on the thickness of yarn you use.

With Valentines Day just around the corner someone on your list might enjoy having their own Luv Bug to cuddle.

It’s amazing how quickly a year has gone by.  Last year for Valentines Day I offered a little heart pattern here on my blog,  I thought it would be fun to do that again. So here is a new heart…..


by Andee Graves

Note: All rounds are worked spirally without joining.  Use a stitch marker in the last stitch of the round and move it up as each round is completed. US Crochet terminology used throughout.

Yarns: Caron International Dazzleaire for Heart, Caron International Simply Soft for Spiral.

Hook: I-9 / 5.5 mm & H-8 / 5 mm

Gauge: Finished heart measures 2.5 x 2.5 inches. Gauge will vary depending on yarn and hook size chosen.

Rnd 1: Ch 2, 7 sc in 2nd ch from hook.

Rnd 2: 2 sc in next 7 sts. [14 sc]

Rnd 3: sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, hdc and dc in next st, 5 dc in next st, sk next st, sl st next st, sk next st, 5 dc in next st, dc and hdc next st, hdc and sc next st, sc next 2 sts, 2 hdc next st, fasten off. [6 sc, 5 hdc, 12 dc]

Spiral: Holding working yarn behind heart and smaller hook at front, pull up a loop thru the center of the heart, work surface sl sts at base of each st of Rounds 2 and 3. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Happy Valentines Day