A Month of Knitting Love

Okay, I know that title might be startling a few of you. Afterall, I am a crochet designer.

I can knit. But I’m absolutely garbage at it. All my own fault. Lack of practice is entirely to blame.

I taught myself to knit about 3 years ago from one of those kits at JoAnns. It was the first time I had gotten very far with knitting. Shortly after that I discovered Ravelry and became so distracted with all the wonderful crochet groups on there my knitting needles have been gathering dust. 

So I’ve decided to attempt a little experiment, starting on Valentines Day I am going to knit for 1/2 hour every day thru March 13th. These will be very small knitting experiments, fragments really. 

The lovely Sarah (who is a talented knitter)  gave me a set of the Interweave Knitting Stitches Cards last October.  In there is a wonderful card that clearly illustrates the various methods of casting on, binding off, increasing and decreasing. 

I will be keeping that card with my “Knitting Teacher” book and some appropriate yarn /needles for doing small bits of knitting in a project bag. Each day I’ll create and photograph a seperate little swatch that will eventually be used in a combo crochet/knit freeform piece. 

This all sounds grand in theory, but one will see if I succeed in fact.  I figure that if I can knit for 1/2 an hour everyday for 30 days that I will either overcome my ineptitude with knitting or I shall forever surrender to it.

Anyone want to take bets on how it all turns out? Leave a note in the comments and we will see what happens.