A Month of Knitting Love

Okay, I know that title might be startling a few of you. Afterall, I am a crochet designer.

I can knit. But I’m absolutely garbage at it. All my own fault. Lack of practice is entirely to blame.

I taught myself to knit about 3 years ago from one of those kits at JoAnns. It was the first time I had gotten very far with knitting. Shortly after that I discovered Ravelry and became so distracted with all the wonderful crochet groups on there my knitting needles have been gathering dust. 

So I’ve decided to attempt a little experiment, starting on Valentines Day I am going to knit for 1/2 hour every day thru March 13th. These will be very small knitting experiments, fragments really. 

The lovely Sarah (who is a talented knitter)  gave me a set of the Interweave Knitting Stitches Cards last October.  In there is a wonderful card that clearly illustrates the various methods of casting on, binding off, increasing and decreasing. 

I will be keeping that card with my “Knitting Teacher” book and some appropriate yarn /needles for doing small bits of knitting in a project bag. Each day I’ll create and photograph a seperate little swatch that will eventually be used in a combo crochet/knit freeform piece. 

This all sounds grand in theory, but one will see if I succeed in fact.  I figure that if I can knit for 1/2 an hour everyday for 30 days that I will either overcome my ineptitude with knitting or I shall forever surrender to it.

Anyone want to take bets on how it all turns out? Leave a note in the comments and we will see what happens.

2 thoughts on “A Month of Knitting Love

  1. Good Luck! But I don’t wanna’ see you walking on the “Dark Side” (aka: knitting). I really want to see you firmly over here where it is light, and happy, and warm, and comforting…with all your friends reaching out to support you over here on the Crochet Side.

    1. Now, now there missy. It’s not the darkside. It’s just another fun way to use up my copious yarn stash. LOL

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