Thing 2’s Valentines

My youngest son is in Pre-school and needed Valentines for a party at school.  So what is a crafty mom to do?

I did think about crocheting a bunch of little hearts, but they are a bit hard to sign. I’m always looking for opportunities for my littlest to practice writing his name. He is still at that stage where the order of the letters can be a bit tricky, so practice is good.

One of my crafting hobbies is Origami, though of late I haven’t had much time for it. I gathered up supplies for some Origami Valentines.

I drew hearts with the red pen on the index cards using the cookie cutter as a guide. Then printed “From” in each heart.  I sat my little guy down with the pen and an example of a heart with his name in it and let him sign his name in each heart.

Meanwhile I folded up  the “Love Tokens” from my “Origami Love Notes” book (one of my very favorite books for quick fun Origami written by Nick Robinson).  The tokens create a little envelope or pouch, depending on how you wish to seal it. I used the glitter heart stickers on the outside of the pouches and wrote “Happy Valentines Day” on the other side.

Then, after making rough cut-outs of the index card hearts, I stuck some other heart stickers on the backs of the resulting little cards and popped them into the pouches.  With better planning and more time this could be a fun project to do with your child.  My son is almost 5 and he loves to use scissors and put stickers on stuff.

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