Knitting Neglect

Darn! I was almost caught up on my Knitting Love time commitment, and now (due to neglect) I am behind again.

Swatches So Far

I think it was that horrible FAIL on day 15 that did it. Was far too similar to the ratty mess I used to create years ago when my Mom attempted to teach me to knit.

I’m knitting along and somehow manage to pull the needle completely out of my stitches. And no matter how I try, I never manage to get all the stitches back on the needle sitting right.

I have often thought during my knitting forays and failures that if I was better at fixing my mistakes I might actually learn to love knitting.  It’s a bit of a “chicken/egg” sort of conundrum though.

I would likely get better at fixing my mistakes (and understanding what the heck I’m needing to do) if I knitted more. But, because I am garbage at fixing my mistakes and reading the fabric, I don’t like knitting all that much and usually give up in frustration. Certainly not conducive to improving my knitting skill set.

In an effort to get back on track, I’ve decided to stick to smaller swatches. 12 stitches or less for the cast-on.

Of course that may have to wait a bit again. As my beautiful children have brought home yet another bug to share with mommy.