Spring Break?

Up here on the mountain wintertime leaves us reluctantly. We just returned earlier this week from a 10 day road trip (the reason the poor blog has been a bit quiet) to visit family in Kansas and Ohio. It was my boy’s Spring Break from school.

The weather was warming and spring like when we left, but even before we got back to our mountain we were feeling like winter wasn’t ready to give over the reins to spring and summer yet.

I spent a good part of our driving time crocheting of course. I had planned to work on a sock yarn project, but the fine yarn and the dark color I was working with didn’t work so well for car stitching.

Instead I played with some swatching for some wintertime designs.

I’m a big fan of large snuggly scarves.  Something that can be used to keep your neck warm under a coat, or that you can wrap around your shoulders for some additional warmth in a drafty house or office.  It is very likely what these swatches are destined to grow into some day soon.

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