In the Wilds of Designland

Funny, when I first decided to pursue crochet design work I thought it would be a long while before I would be really busy. I was wrong.

I’m certainly not complaining about being wrong, in fact it has been a delightful discovery that I can be as busy as I would want to be.  But it does mean life is a bit of a juggling act.

I just finished up a very large project that will be coming out in Fall of 2012, and I am currently working feverishly on 3 more design projects that are all due within the next 3 weeks for Fall and Winter publication.

The bad part of this is the poor blog gets a bit lonely. Time to write is one part of the issue, but having projects that I can share progress reports and pictures of is the other part.  Everything is Top-Secret until publication. 

So the photo today shows some of the tools of my design work, minus the yarn and swatches.

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