In the Beginning

I love teaching others about crochet and how to crochet.  I love it because teaching new crocheters (or mostly new crocheters) brings me back to my own beginnings playing with yarn and hook, as well as giving me the opportunity to look at crochet with fresh eyes.

During this summer’s school break I have been teaching crochet weekly to one of my son’s school friends and her grandmother (who knew quite a bit already).  My young student had been taught some of the basics from her grandmother, like chaining and single crochet stitch.  We have been playing with shaping in crochet and working in the round. 

It has been so exciting seeing this young lady take-off in her creativity with crochet.  She even sallied forth and made a hat without any pattern.  I was so happy to see the results of her experiments.

This fall the 3 of us will be organizing a Crochet Club as a weekly afterschool group for other students and community members to play with hooks and yarn. 

I hope for those of you that crochet and knit that you give yourself the gift of sharing your hobby with others every chance you find.  It is a fabulous confidence builder for everyone to be able to create something with their own hands as well as being a skill that they can pick up again at any time.

Then you too can delight in returning to your own stitching beginnings and gain new excitement and understanding of your craft.