Time to Drool

This afternoon I went down our mountain to pick up my oldest son from school and drop off a package to be mailed at our local Post Office.

While I was at the Post Office the UPS driver was there too, he tells me, “I have a package for you too.”  This tells you a bit about how many UPS deliveries I get that the delivery dude knows my face and name when he sees me away from my home.

I was sort of hoping it was my new snow/winter hiking boots I ordered the other day. Instead it was yarn. Yes, I was really broken up over this. Ha!

Red Heart Boutique - Midnight in "Shadow"

Take a gander at this gorgeous stuff.  If you haven’t had a chance to look at some of the new yarns coming out from Red Heart go take a peek.  This is some yummy stuff.  I am loving the long runs of colors that blend into each other and the touch of sparkle. Best of all the yarn is still nice and soft.