Getting Ready for Reno

If you live anywhere in the West side of the country it’s time to pack your bags in preparation to attend the Knit and Crochet Show in Reno, Nevada.  The last couple of years there have been complaints from our fellow stitchers on the West Coast because all the Knit and Crochet Shows were more East or Central, so I’m really hoping that this will be a very successful show and will lead to more shows in my “neighborhood”.

Maybe you hadn’t realized the show was so near you, but it isn’t too late to register. Early registration ends August 27th. Just pop on over to the Knit and Crochet Show Website and you can find all kinds of fun classes for both the hook and 2 needle yarn happy folks. 

I am packing for my trip already. My packet of tickets came and I’ve got them in my show pouch, as well as gathering up all my pins and organizing my notebook where I keep my class information and receipts. This is going to be an extra fun show for me because I am driving to Reno with my crochet show best bud, Janet.

I hope to see lots of my Southwest and West coast stitching friends in Reno. I know it will be a great time, learning and yarning together.

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