The Last Bit of Christmas

Yesterday when I checked my PO Box there was a package notice in it. So after dropping my boys off at school this morning I stopped by the Post Office to collect my package.

I was very excited when I saw it was a box from I was pretty sure it was my books I had ordered with some of my Christmas money.  Unfortunately I had a very busy schedule for the day, so I just now got to open the box.


I’ve been wanting both of these books for a while, especially Edie’s “Connect the Shapes”.  Edie’s books are always full of useful tips and new ways of looking at crochet and this book looks to be another winner.

Margaret’s “The Complete Photoguide to Crochet” is a beloved reference in my teaching library and I think that “The Granny Square Book” will be joining it as another great source for myself and my students.

I’m looking forward to many fun hours with both of these books in the coming months.  I’ll do a more in-depth review on them once I’ve had a chance to read thru them completely.