Day 1 of “Texting Mitts” Tour

Today’s host for my blog tour is the talented Susan Lowman.  Susan and I met in Buffalo, NY at my first official Chain Link show (also known as the Knit and Crochet Show) in August 2009.

Shari White, Susan Lowman, Me, Joyce BraggWaiting for Editors at Meet & Greet
Shari White, Susan Lowman, Me, Joyce Bragg
Waiting for Editors at Meet & Greet

We immediately got along because we both have a quirky sense of humor. We are also both crochet crazy.

Last year on my flight to Manchester for the summer Chain Link show I had a great surprise when I boarded. Susan was already on the plane. Since it was a Southwest flight it was open seating and we got to sit together the whole way. I’m sure the folks around us were wondering what sort of party they had stumbled upon.

Susan and I were both crocheting and talking about crochet pretty much the entire flight. Best flight I’ve ever had.

Susan is a talented designer, technical editor and inspiring crochet teacher.  So hop on over and take a look at what Susan has to say today on her blog, The Crochet Architect.