Wonderful Yarn Store

It took me awhile to get to Longmont to check it out, but I am very excited that there is a new yarn store there.  The store opened back in September 2012, but things have been so busy I only recently got to visit it.

Brenda and I

My fellow designer and CGOA pal, Brenda Bourg, joined me for this outing.  Longmont is somewhat a mid-point between where the 2 of us live in Colorado, so it was ideal to find a place to meet there. Being we are both yarn nuts a yarn shop is perfect.

Outside Window

The name of the shop makes me smile, Longmont Yarn Shoppe. LYS is the acronym used in the online yarn communities for “Local Yarn Store”, so it is very fitting.

Wall w Signs and Yarn

The store owner, Gail, welcomed us in warmly as she was just opening her doors for the day’s business. Brenda and I both thought the shop was really beautiful. It has a very open feeling with tall ceilings and skylights that provide lots of natural lighting.  There is a nice big work table where stitchers can gather to visit while playing with yarn.  And the store even has a sweet friendly “shop dog”, who adds to the overall homey welcoming feel.

This shop does more than give lip-service to the idea of “crochet-friendly”. Everything from the wonderful big sign on the wall that says “Crochet”, to offering a variety of interesting crochet classes with a CYCA certified instructor.

Brenda and I both purchased some yarn and visited with other shoppers while sitting at the work table getting some stitching in. We’ll definitely be visiting this store more in the future. If you are in the Longmont area you should stop by to play with some yarn there too.