Confessions of a Night Owl

Sometimes staying up late is hard to resist. It is one of the few times my household is actually quiet.

Everyone besides me is asleep, including the dogs. The only sound is the humming of my computer and the refrigerator and an occassional pop from the wood in the fire. The quiet is so peaceful it is like the world is just breathing.

It’s a great time to get lots of work done. I can write or crochet without any interruptions. Often times I experience a flood of creativity and may spend 2-3 hours madly sketching and noting down design ideas.

Deck at Night 1

It’s been snowing the past 3 days and we have gotten over 2 feet of the cold fluffy stuff. The snow makes the world even quieter. I took these pictures last night because everything looked so calm out the window.

Deck at Night 2

Almost looks like a Christmas scene, which is appropriate, since I spent yesterday working on proposals for Winter magazine issues. Maybe that is why I have a much easier time designing cold season items. It is a bit difficult to be in the mind-set for warm or hot weather living at this altitude.

Most of my readers here in the US are currently experiencing above freezing temperatures or warmer, while my backyard was a balmy 19F at the time of my little photo session last night.

Deck in the morning

I took another photo this morning before the icicles could get broken. You may not be able to tell, but it was still snowing. As I write this it continues to snow and the temperature has gotten all the way up to 20F.

All this snow is great inspiration for warm and cozy crochet projects like hats, wraps and mittens.  Who knows, by the time the rest of the country is back in wintery weather, I may have a few of these inspirations in magazines for the season.