Too Many Thoughts

A month ago I realized I was seriously behind on my blog again. I vowed to be better about it.

This past summer has been very exciting with lots of blog fodder. A quick run-down of the summer:

Went to the Estes Park Wool Market, where I finally caved in and learned to spin using a drop spindle.

Drove to Dayton, Ohio with stops in Kansas to visit my family and a side trip to Columbus, Ohio for TNNA.

Went to Indianapolis for the Summer Knit & Crochet Show (a.k.a. Chain Link), where I did my first ever PDD presentation, took some marvelous classes and laughed a lot with my wonderful stitchy friends.

My friend Jan can out for a week long visit and amongst the other fun we did our first official yarn crawl “Hot August Knits”. We managed to visit all 9 shops involved and also spent some quality time in Denver visiting antique shops and the Denver Art Museum.

Then my boys were back to school and it was all the busy work that is always involved in that.

Just as we started to settle into a regular routine and I thought I was going to get caught up, it began to rain.

It rained for 5 days and on the 3rd night our little town flooded. Badly.  My family and I live about 4 miles above Jamestown, Colorado and our house and property are un-touched. Not so lucky were many of our dear friends and neighbors, especially those further downhill. You may have seen footage of our mountain town and the roads around it on the national news.

Pretty much all of Northern Colorado was badly flooded by Saturday morning (9/14). The worst and heaviest rain fall hit a narrow band that stretched from Estes Park to Boulder, with Jamestown the unfortunate middle location.

Lefthand Canyon Road, the main roadway up to our town from Boulder and Longmont, is 60% destroyed. At first the predictions were that the road would take a year to repair, now they are saying more like 2 or longer.

So our reality has undergone quite a change. Everyone is wondering what the new “normal” will look like.  Each day as I see more of the damage first hand I find myself shocked anew. Yet I also find myself in deep admiration for all my fellow community members.

When my thoughts are a bit more settled I will be blogging again. I will be keeping this blog as my place to discuss crochet, art and crafting health. But I may need to start another blog for a space to write about our life after the flood.  Stay tuned.

One thought on “Too Many Thoughts

  1. It has been a busy summer for you! Hang in there, your new “normal” may tough to get used to, but eventually it may even be better. 🙂

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