Getting Twisted

2014 has had an interesting start for me. My whole family has been down with a nasty cold cough bug, so I am only beginning to come back up for air from our holiday celebrations. Fortunately the crud didn’t get too bad until after all our visitors had left, so we got out and had lots of fun seeing friends and family over Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

twisted mobius style title (1)
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If you have a subscription to you may have already seen my latest published design “Twisted Granny Mobius”.

One of my favorite geometric shapes to crochet is a Mobius. This design approaches that shape a little differently. Instead of making a foundation round that is twisted at the join, you make a strip of little squares that are joined together as you work them. The last square is joined to the first with the required twist. Then rounds are worked off the edges of the strip to create the rest of the fabric for the project.

Aviary Photo_130338161765846265

The finished loop is long and narrow, which gives you some fun fashion options. You can wear it as a long scarf, great option for adding a pop of color to an outfit indoors, then double the end over your head like a cowl for added warmth under your coat when you head outdoors.

Aviary Photo_130338156659055290

Check out for this pattern and lots of other really great crochet patterns. A subscription to is only $24 a year and gives you access to lots of marvelous patterns.

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