Winged Columns Wrap

It’s getting to be that busy time of year, just a little less than 18 weeks until Christmas. If you are planning on making your holiday gifts, then you know it’s time to get started.

Cover of Special Issue
Cover of October 2014 issue : Image courtesy of Annie’s Publishing.

Fortunately the folks at Annie’s Publishing know that we are all on the hunt for ideas for lovely gifts that won’t take forever to make. They have just published a special issue magazine: “Crochet! presents 70+ Crochet Gifts in 1-2-3”.

Winged Columns Shawl 2
Wrap with a Shawl pin fastener – Image courtesy of Annie’s Publishing

You can find loads of wonderful gift ideas in this issue, including my new design “Winged Columns Wrap”.

Winged Columns Shawl 3
Back view of Wrap – Image courtesy of Annie’s Publishing

The wrap is worked outward from a central back foundation in 2 parts and requires no finishing other than weaving in a few ends. It only takes 2 skeins of yarn, 1 skein for each half. The lacy stitch pattern makes for a lot of fabric without a lot of bulk.

Wrap worn as a Scarf.
Wrap worn as a Scarf.

Because the fabric isn’t bulky it can also be worn as a scarf.

I really love this stitch pattern, the shapes within the columns put me in mind of migrating flocks of birds. Thus the name, Winged Columns.

I hope you get yourself a copy of this Crochet! Special issue. Then you’ll be all set for making gifts for the upcoming holidays. It is currently available on newsstands, or visit their website  to order a copy for yourself.

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