Signs that Summer is Over

Last Thursday evening was very cold. Compared to some of our winter weather it really wasn’t that cold, but after 80-90 degree temperatures it felt very chilly.

Friday AM Snow

This was the view out the front door first thing in the morning.

Frost and Fog1

Then I headed down the mountain a little ways to have some crochet time with my friend V. When I drove back up a few hours later the top of the mountain was socked in with fog. It was beautiful and I decided to stop and take a few photos.

Foggy Valley-1

Valley Frost and gulley

Looking back down the mountain I couldn’t see the tops of any of the ridges around the valley.

Afternoon Fog Frontyard

A few hours later things were warming up a bit and the sun had come out. I looked out the window and noticed the daylight fog.  In my front yard it wasn’t super noticeable.

Afternoon Fog

But the backyard looked absolutely magical.

I have the feeling this is just the beginning of our Autumn yo-yo weather, definitely the signs that summer is over are getting clearer.

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