Making a Pendant

Finished Heart Pendant

My weekend post was about Valentines Hearts, but I’m not finished yet. This pendant is a bit more complex than the projects I showed you in my last post, so I’m going to walk you thru how I made it.

2 hearts to start with

I used Kreinik #12 metallic with a 1.75mm steel hook. I made 2 “Crocheted Love” hearts, and 1 “Simple Sweetheart” heart. I attached the Simple Sweetheart to the front of one of the larger hearts.

I crocheted my larger hearts together with single crochet stitch border and used a “hoist-on” method to place beads along the border.

Hoist on Bead 1

For the “hoist-on” method I worked the last stitch before the stitch I want to place my bead on. Then extend the working loop and remove my hook from the loop. I then use a smaller steel hook to pick up a bead and insert that hook into the working loop.

Hoist on Bead 2

I slide the bead from the shaft of the hook onto the working loop.

Hoist on Bead 3

Then re-insert my hook that I was crocheting with to complete my stitch. This leaves the bead sitting on the top of the stitch.

Along the curve at the top of the heart I made 1 single crochet stitch working thru the tops of the stitches on both hearts, then placed a bead and chained 1 before making a single crochet in the next stitch. This created enough ease to curve around the curved section of the heart without causing the fabric to cup.

When I reached the straight edges of the heart I made my beaded chain 1, then sc2tog to keep the border from becoming ruffled.

Lavender buds

Before completing the sc border I poured some dried lavender buds inside the 2 large hearts. When worn the warmth from the body will release the fragrance of the lavender.

Back of Pendant

I left long enough tails to weave them back up to the top of the heart. Then I used the tails to sew a split ring to the back of the heart to string it on a necklace.

Necklace on Model2

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