I really need a Clone

Wow, can you believe that June is nearly gone already?!

I have been in my typical crazy summer-time mode the past 4 weeks. Loads of house projects that I can’t tackle in the snowy weather have been calling my name. So I’m going non-stop from the moment I get up until I finally drop into bed (sometimes at ridiculous hours of the night).

Work table covered with Yarn

It’s not only the house projects, there is also lots of crochet and yarn stuff on the go. I’ve been sorting thru the yarn in my design office and finding yarn that I had ear-marked to become designs or projects. The pile on my work table is getting a wee bit out of control.

I’m also getting ready for my trip to Charleston, South Carolina for the Knit & Crochet Show. I went out and did some shopping in preparation. I don’t have much in the way of what one would consider summer clothing that is appropriate for wearing in hot humid climates. Most of my garments are meant for dealing with Colorado summers, especially up here on the mountain.

Packing clothing for the show can be challenging. Oftentimes the facilities where the show is held will be air-conditioned to near arctic temperatures. I recall shivering thru one Professional Development Day a few years back. Seems like the problem is more pronounced when the show is held in a city with serious heat and humidity. So it’s a balancing act in picking clothing that will be comfortable in the facility and also when we go out and about the area.

Currently I have piles all over my guest room bed as I decide what will travel with me and what will stay home. I’ve generally found that getting an early start on packing decisions helps me make better decisions.

I’m working on finishing up some sweaters to have on hand at the show as well as my usual arsenal of shawls. The big decision is which wraps to pack. I’m hoping to pack lighter than usual for this trip. Though I know that when my dear friend Jan reads that she will laugh.

My New Suitcase

On my shopping excursion the other day I also purchased a new large “spinner” suitcase. I needed one that wasn’t the monster that I tend to use, but was larger than my current medium-sized suitcase. I love the new spinning cases that have 4 wheels that can go in any direction. My carry-on case is like that and it is great.

This new suitcase is also a “hard sided” case. I’m hoping that will help if there is rain at the airport. I’ve found my garments and papers a bit damp on a few of my trips with my old cases. Will see how well it will survive traveling thru the luggage handling at the airports.

Now it’s time to get back to crocheting like the wind. I’m hoping to get some blog posts lined up before I leave for my trip so that I don’t fall silent here on the blog while I’m gone.

My travel cases

2 thoughts on “I really need a Clone

  1. I’m in crazy summer-time mode too. 🙂 Have a fun trip. One day I will make it to one of those shows. There was one not to far from me and I almost went but didn’t make it. One day…

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