Some Crochet Surgery

I’m way late with my mid-week post, but I have been having a Whirlwind of a week.  Clearly I jinxed myself naming my newest hat pattern that.


Amongst all my other tasks I’ve been tackling, I’ve been crocheting my latest Playing with Triangles Shawl and ran into a little problem. I had finished the second beaded row and cut my yarn when I discovered that one of my V-stitches in the beginning of the row only had one leg of the V.

It had taken some time to work that row because each V-stitch had a hoisted-on bead on the chain one. I really didn’t want to pull out the whole row and re-do all those beaded stitches. Plus I wasn’t sure I would have enough yarn to finish the whole row once I put in the missing double crochet stitch.


Instead I decided to do a little surgery on my project.


It’s a bit un-nerving taking scissors to my crochet work, but I am getting more comfortable with it all the time. This row wasn’t so bad, since it was the last row I had worked. I wouldn’t have to incorporate the new stitches with a row above.


Unraveling to where I need to work the missing double crochet.

Starting repair
Ready to add new yarn


New Yarn and Old Yarn loops on hook
Pulled thru old yarn end


New beaded chain-stitch made
Un-raveling to beginning of next V-st.
Securing top of stitch
Preparing to join the 2 V-stitches

After all the cutting and un-raveling I joined in some new yarn and crocheted the stitches I pulled out. It is a little hard to see what I was doing with these stitches since the new yarn and old yarn are the same color.  But this is more just to show you that no one is perfect.


Surgery is over and the patient has survived.


Once the extra tails are woven in, you won’t be able to see where the surgery even happened.

I’m reminded of something Margaret Hubert said in a class I took with her, “Admire your work often, you’ll catch your mistakes sooner.” I’ll be admiring my work a lot more before I cut my yarn from now on.


3 thoughts on “Some Crochet Surgery

  1. Pretty cool surgery. I would have just gone on, assuming no one would see the error, but I’m definitely a “good enough” person

  2. That’s scary – cutting into a project to repair,might have to try it though..just lately I’ve been using the V stitch quite abit and am frustrated when I come back on a row and see I’ve forgotten the 2nd leg of the V..I usually dc on both sides of the leg as if it was a complete V and hope it isn’t noticed – I may get the courage to try your approach some time…Thanks

    1. Typically I would have found another way to fix it, but I am going to use this shawl as a sample for a class I’m teaching. I wanted a fix that blends in well.

      The first time you cut your work is the scariest, after that it gets easier. This fix only took me about 5 minutes.

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