Things are Changing

Snow loaded pine trees on a snowy hillside with swing set in foregrounds with snow on seats.

Last week I posted about Spring arriving, 2 days later my backyard was full of snow again and the temperatures dropped below freezing.

Shrub branches with ruffled bright green baby spring leaves.

Today on my walk thru the woods I noticed that some of the brave little shrubs were putting out leaves and my Aspen trees are getting buds.

Along with the change of seasons up here, my blog is undergoing some changes. You may have noticed it has a different look these days. I am updating my theme after 10 years of blogging. I hope to create a great experience for my readers, making it easy for you to find the posts that interest you most and maybe even discover ones you didn’t realize were there.

This new theme is called “Floral”, it has a lot to offer and it may take me a little while to figure out all the new options for both my blog layout and the accompanying pages. I’m also debating on the background color, so please bear with me while I find my way.

You may have also noticed that I haven’t been posting much about lambs or sheep the past 6 months. That is because my farm partner and I have decided to down-size our flock. We didn’t have lambs this spring as some health issues in her family made that unworkable. Many of our flock are finding new homes in the coming months.

I am still working with our wool crops of the past 2 years and hope to be offering yarn, fleeces and needle-felting kits for sell both online and at some festivals this Summer and Fall. We hope to continue to work with wool products in the coming years, but are still deciding how we will structure that.

Meanwhile stay tuned here on the blog for more Crochet designs, fun crafting how-tos and coloring pages. The joy of a creative life is finding flexibility even when there are roadblocks and surprises.