Slippers that Fit!

Human beings come in a lot of sizes and shapes and our feet even more so. That leaves the question of getting slippers and other foot coverings to fit properly. Historically foot wear was made to fit the individual and out of materials that were somewhat malleable. Leather and wool being two of the most commonly used.

This summer you can take a class with me at the CGOA Chain Link conference and learn all the tips and tricks you need to crochet slippers that will always fit. You don’t even need to be a wizard at math to get great fitting results.

As part of the class you will create a paper pattern to use for sizing your slipper and you will get the full pattern for my “One Skein Joy Slippers”, along with all the information you need for modifying the size of the slipper. You will also learn how to adjust the pattern to work with different weights of yarn so you can “stash bust” when making slippers.

You can register for this class at the CGOA website by clicking here.

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