Isosceles Scarf

I just recently learned that this pattern is available as a digital version from Interweave. You can find it on their website in the E-patterns, along with lots of other wonderful patterns. Most exciting to me is that the pattern includes symbol charts as well as written instructions, so those of us that are more visual learners will find the instructions easy to follow.

Photo courtesy of Interweave Press

So if you missed your opportunity to purchase the “Crochet Accessories” issue that it was included in, or that issue didn’t interest you, here is your opportunity to acquire it.

This is a really fun pattern to stitch up, each triangle works up quickly and the next triangle is worked off the previous one. A bit like working in motifs, but minus the headache of sewing them all together later.  You can use a solid color yarn, but I designed this with long gradual color changing yarns in mind.

The lace pattern lends itself nicely to adding buttons, as any of the openings can become button holes. So working fewer triangles can be a great way to make a quick neck cozy for gift giving.

My Crochet Companion

I am insanely crocheting away on a super secret project which involves 10 designs, and 2 of them have to be shipped today. It is past midnight so counts as today already.

My companion in this madness is my wonderful new 4-legged kid, Kenna. She loves to curl up on her cushy round bed beside my work area in the living room.  I have discovered this past week that she can snore like a real champ.

She is also very good at making me take regular breaks, since she wants to go outside for exercise and such.  I may end up with a rotator cuff injury throwing the ball for her to chase.

Foster Puppy!

There is a puppy at my house. Yes, I know, it wasn’t like I wasn’t already busy. But my family and I decided to become fosters for the Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue.

This is part of my resoluation to do more volunteer work in my community.  My husband and I love animals. Before we had children, there were a few years when we had 3 dogs and 3 cats. 

Organizations like RMLR depend heavily on Foster homes as they don’t have a dedicated shelter facility. Which means they can’t take more dogs than they can place in foster homes.  Sadly, there are many dogs needing a safe haven.

Now, a puppy wasn’t what we had in mind when we decided to foster. We were thinking of dogs around 3-5 years old. But this sweet little guy (called Beatty) needed a place to stay for a bit, so he is hanging out with us. 

I had really forgotten what it is like to have a puppy in the household. He is going to keep us on our toes while he is here. Fortunately, puppies tend to get adopted fairly quickly. Though I may have to pry the puppy out of my beloved’s hands to give him to his adoptive family when the time comes.  Himself is becoming very attached and we haven’t even had the puppy 24 hours.

I am getting inspired though about a crochet project especially for our foster doggies (and maybe other foster homes too).  This little guy has been in 2 foster homes the last 72 hours, and will eventually be going to his forever home. So I’m hoping to make some kennel pads using 3 strands of washable worsted weight yarn.  Then the adoptive families can take it with them to help the dogs make the transition to their new home.

I’ll do a special post once I have come up with the pattern, to share with others. I’m sure that shelters in your area can use them too. If you are inspired to get started before I put something together, try the pattern I shared for “Boo’s Blanket”  but adjusting the size to be shorter and using a 3rd strand of yarn to create a cushier fabric.

Once last thought to leave you with. If you are looking into adding a dog (or cat) to your family, please check with local shelters and rescue organizations in your area instead of purchasing thru a breeder or pet store.  These animals make wonderful friends and you will save a life.  And remember to spay and neuter your pets.

Too Slow

Sometimes my ambitious ideas have a head-on collision with reality.  Like this past weekend.

Between our Spring Break trip, numerous paid project deadlines and my work on the CGOA Design Competition Committee my piece for the International FreeForm Guild’s 2012 Challenge was too neglected. Which means that I did not finish it in time.  The deadline for entries was yesterday.

I only wish I had accepted reality sooner. This weekend was a mad scramble in an attempt to finish, photograph and email the necessary pics and bio info. Some days I don’t make wise decisions.  Of course all of us run into that problem from time to time. The important thing is to forgive ourselves and move forward.

I am still going to finish my challenge piece soon and share it with all of you here on my blog.  The best thing is how inspired I’m feeling about freeform and creating art pieces using mixed media.  Hopefully I will find more time in the coming months to continue to revisit it.

Back to Work

Hello again. I’m back at my desk after a Spring Break to be remembered.  Amazingly, though I packed yarn and hooks, I did very little crocheting on this trip.

So I am now playing “catch-up” with some projects that have deadlines breathing down my neck.  In the meantime I thought I would share some of the photos from our trip. We spent most of our time in Long Beach, CA.  Though the weather was cooler than we had expected and somewhat overcast in the mornings we still had a wonderful time.

I always enjoy seeing all the wonderful plants in Southern California.

My boys got to see the ocean for the first time in their little lives. They decided that it was pretty great, and enjoyed hanging on the beach looking in tide pools and finding rocks and shells (that were unoccupied).

I reveled in the sound of the surf, while I hunted for shells and super smooth stones.  I don’t know what it is about rounded stones, but I have always loved them. I only found one little piece of beach glass though.

I might have to get myself a rock tumbler to make my own smooth rounded rocks and beach glass.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful shot of the sunset on the beach in Oceanside.  Hopefully it will be as inspiring and restful to you as it is to me.

Gone Fishing!

This past weekend was the start of my boys’ Spring Break from school, and we are having loads of family fun time. Which means the blog may be a bit quiet for the duration.

I had hoped to have some blog entries finished up and scheduled to post during our busy time. Instead I’ve been feverishly working away on a number of design projects that needed to be mailed off.  I will be back to actively posting around April 4th, though I might sneak a few posts in earlier if I can. 

I hope everyone (in the Northern hemisphere) is having a lovely Spring time. And for my readers south of the Equator…Happy Autumn.

My Corner of the World

Sometimes, as a designer and mother, the line between work and home life is quite blurry.

This past weekend has been about creating a work space in my home that meshes better with my family life. We are looking into adding a dog to our family, but random balls of yarn and project bags are far too tempting to most dogs.

A necessity is to create a spot where all the yarnie stuff can be secured away from a curious pooch.

I already had this desk/hutch. It had been where I kept my old computer and took care of bill paying and was tucked away in a corner of our dining room. But it had become somewhat abandoned this past year, since the location didn’t work well for me to crochet comfortably there.

Now I have 2 of my work tubs stored in the bottom part of the hutch, with my laptop and a good lamp on the desk surface. Best of all I’m using my ergonomic split keyboard again, which is much kinder to my hands.

I’m still developing my plan for the best layout of my work area, but I think this is going to be a much better set-up than I was using, as well as being dog-proof.

Out with the Old, In with the New

It’s been a chilly windy end to the year up here on my mountain.  I have spent a good part of yesterday and today tidying my work areas in preparation for the busy months ahead.  Sort of my own version of out with the old and in with the new.

Sarah had been helping me, but today had to take a rest since she caught the stomach bug I had nearly a week ago. So we are keeping her curled up on the sofa with warm blankets and a cozy fire in the wood-stove.

I will have some new designs in my M2H Design line to show all of you early in 2012.

In the meantime, I’m wishing all my readers a very warm healthy and  Happy New Year.

An Inverse Operation

Today I am attempting to catch my breath after a whirlwind week of work and fun at the Greensboro Chain Link show.  Last you heard from me I was packing up to head out.

I spent most of this past Monday traveling home. As my husband drove me home from the airport I was amazed to see all the Autumn color that had made an appearance on our mountain in such a short period of time.  Even down in the plains around Denver and Boulder there were dashes of fall color in the foliage.

My Front Yard

Now comes the un-packing (the Inverse Operation mentioned in the title), the piles of laundry from my travels as well as the accumulation of dirty clothes from my family to be dealt with.

Once I get that all ticking along I’ll be taking some pictures of the yummy yarn that came home with me as well as other tales of Chain Link. Though, still respecting Doris Chan’s rule that “What happens at Chain Link, stays at Chain Link”. 

Amazing enough, I didn’t consume gobs of chocolate this time, was far too busy to actually remember it. Must do better next year.