Too Slow

Sometimes my ambitious ideas have a head-on collision with reality.  Like this past weekend.

Between our Spring Break trip, numerous paid project deadlines and my work on the CGOA Design Competition Committee my piece for the International FreeForm Guild’s 2012 Challenge was too neglected. Which means that I did not finish it in time.  The deadline for entries was yesterday.

I only wish I had accepted reality sooner. This weekend was a mad scramble in an attempt to finish, photograph and email the necessary pics and bio info. Some days I don’t make wise decisions.  Of course all of us run into that problem from time to time. The important thing is to forgive ourselves and move forward.

I am still going to finish my challenge piece soon and share it with all of you here on my blog.  The best thing is how inspired I’m feeling about freeform and creating art pieces using mixed media.  Hopefully I will find more time in the coming months to continue to revisit it.

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