Congratulations to the Winner

I had meant to get a blog post up yesterday but I was enjoying the day with my kids. We had a nice hike in our neighborhood that included a good chuckle at our neighbors sign on their gate. We had noticed all their chickens running around in the yard first, so the sign was particularly funny to us.

Copyright Karen Whooley – Photo by Anne Podlesak

Sunday evening I pulled all the names for the entries into the drawing for an Ebook copy of Karen Whooley’s beautiful new shawl book “A Garden of Shawls”.

The winner is Judy L. She said she has just started crocheting shawls, so this book will be a great start to her shawl pattern library. Congratulations Judy!

For those of you that didn’t win, you can still order the book on Karen’s website and orders placed before the end of March (and the end of NatCroMo) are entered into a drawing for some gorgeous yarn giveaways. You can find all the links to Karen’s site and read my review of the book (if you missed it the first time round) at this blog post.

I hope you are all having a good start to your week and you’re able to get some crochet time in too.


Well, today is my birthday. I’m not sure how it came around again so quickly, I would have sworn I had one of these just 6 months ago.

I’ve been very good to myself leading up to this birthday. Indulged in some yarn purchases, as well as some fun goodies for jewelry making that may or may not be used in my design work. Plus there was the whole “Trip to Reno” that was a kind of gift from my family.

Anyway, I think I have my birthday celebration covered, so I am giving a gift to one of my readers that commented on my Mountain Ruana post.  And the lucky winner is: Julie!  I’ll be in touch by email very soon to get your address to mail you the copy of “Warm & Cozy Crochet” that you won. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Meanwhile, since I officially turn 49 today, I shall be contemplating the 50th year of my life. I think I need to take better care of myself.  Which sort of encompasses all manner of sins: Like getting more and regular sleep, eating a healthy hearty breakfast every morning (which means this is the last morning I am having GF brownies for breakfast), and getting some form of cardio exercise everyday.  I know from all my work as a health and wellness writer that it’s all a matter of “Move it or Lose it” if I don’t want the years to bring me to a grinding halt.

Of course, no matter what, I will always celebrate my birthday. As a very wise friend told me years ago upon his 50th birthday, “Getting older is far preferable over the alternative.”


Since today is my Birthday I got to sleep in a tiny bit, and woke up to this lovely gift from my family.  In honor of the day I’ve decided it is a good day to share the gift-giving with one of my lucky readers (no, you don’t get the hearts…something better).

At the Greensboro Chain Link on Professional Development Day I won only one Door Prize.  This lovely” The Crochet Dude” Crochet Organizer Case created by the Boye company.

Drew Emborsky - The Crochet Dude

Now many of you know of the Crochet Dude, aka Drew Emborsky, and have been following his design adventures on his blog for ages.  If you haven’t read his blog before click on the link above and have a look.

Drew generously donated a number of items to the door prizes at Professional Development Day.  The tickets that are sold raise money each year towards a chosen charity.  This year the charity was the Marcia Rivkin Center (for Ovarian Cancer).

So how do you get a chance to win this lovely organizer case? Just comment on this blog post by Noon on October 20th, leaving your name and why you are trying to get organized.  I will then have a random number drawing that afternoon and announce the winner.  Unfortunately, I need to restrict the drawing to only folks in the USA, as mailing out of country can get a bit steep.

The Dude is Tall, especially next to Short Me.

I leave you with one last photo of myself with the Dude. Unfortunately it came out a bit blurry, somewhat flattering to me as it removed my wrinkles, but I had to take another photo later so you could see that the Dude really isn’t that fuzzy.