The Novelty of it All

It is the outcast.  The “red-headed stepchild” of the yarn and fiber world.  But I love it.  You know what I’m talking about…Novelty Yarn.   

There is Fun Fur and Sparklies and combinations of both.  There is Ribbon and Boucle’ and Pom-poms.  I revel in it all.  I have a supply of novelty yarns that is bordering on the ridiculous in my stash, and I am completely unapologetic about it (I actually don’t have any Pom-Pom yarn…may have to correct that next shopping spree).  

Some of My Stash of Novelty Yarns

Sadly, some of my recent most favorite novelty yarns are now discontinued.  Occasionally I find them on sale somewhere languishing un-loved and under appreciated in a sales bin.  A few of them always seem to find their way home with me.  

Some of them can be a bit tricky to crochet with.  But I love the special effects that can be quickly added to a project by using some novelty yarn. 

After all, one needs Novelty yarn to create a Pocket Monster…..  

Pocket Monster
Purple Pocket Monster

Or the fuzzy fringe for a Felted Fiery Bowl….  

Fiery Felted Bowl

Or adding sparkle to a Free Form Lace Shrug….  

Free Form Lace Shrug

According to a friend of mine that went to the January TNNA show there was talk that novelty yarn is making a comeback. 

Be still my heart!

2 thoughts on “The Novelty of it All

  1. oh, I used to love to buy the strangest yarn but after having so much of it stashed away with no practical use, I had to give it up. I still love sparkles and I have one scarf made with some discontinued bright red fur-that-feels-like-feathers yarn that I love. It is so soft, it feels like kittens and kinda looks like muppet hair 🙂

    But all the pompom and ladder yarn I’ve used I hated. I just finally destashed (sold) some wide ribbon/ladder yarn because for the life of me I could not figure out what to do with it.
    So I suppose I’m half with you, half against you :p

    1. Hee hee, I hear you about working with the ladder yarn, haven’t tried the pom-pom stuff yet. I don’t have much ladder yarn in the stash either. I seem to get sucked in by the sparklies and fuzzy stuff the most.

      It’s that “feels like kittens” softness that gets me. Plus I adored “The Muppet Show” when I was a kid.

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