Construction Zone

Time keeps marching on as I work toward converting my former massage office into my design/writing office.  Currently it is a bit of a construction zone.

The Jumble of Transition

A generous friend is getting rid of some office furniture and has kindly offered it to me.  So part of the work has been to dis-assemble it at her house, which I did the last bit tonight.  Next will be to transport it to my office and re-assemble it.  Of course before I can re-assemble it in my office I have to get things shifted about.

That table under the window is one of my new additions from my friend.  It is a wonderful drafting table that can be tilted numerous degrees from horizontal to vertical.  I will be getting lots of use of it as a tilted drawing surface and a work table.  Especially as it is a lovely waist high work suface at one of it’s settings.  I got it moved in this past Sunday. 

Work Counter before Disassembly

Hoping to have the entire furniture thing done by the end of this coming Sunday.