Getting Closer

I’ve been working on my office re-arrangements, but ran into a bit of a roadblock in the past two weeks when my whole family came down with a nasty cold virus.  Mother’s Day weekend I finished moving and re-assembling the work counter from my friend and got most of the major pieces of furniture in place.

Work Counter in place
Computer Desk in it's new corner

Now I need to get my books sorted and back on the shelves, and bring over the many crochet books that are still in the house. They will now be living in my office.

Bookshelves half finished

It’s a daunting task to go though all my books.  So I am chipping away at that project a bit each day.  I may have to have a reading frenzy soon, as many of these titles are begging to be opened again.  I’ve amassed a great reference library for much of my health-related interests, and I am  well on the road to doing the same with my crochet/knitting books.

I still have more projects to complete for the office transformation: installing shelving over the work counter, installing 2 large bulletin boards for tracking schedules and projects, sorting and taking inventory of yarn and fabric, and finding new homes for the massage supplies that I don’t need to have on hand.  And of course, some plants remain to be re-potted.

Yikes, I’m tired just thinking about it.