Lovely Laceweight and Beautious Beads

My gorgeous yarn and beads from the Chain Link 2010 Market.

One of my favorite vendors to see again was Leslie Pope of Twisted Sistah Beads.  She always has a beautiful array of beads in every color you can imagine.  As well as the perfect sizes for using with yarns.  I actually ended up making 3 visits to her booth.  I bought beads all 3 times, but the third visit I also couldn’t resist these wonderful charms.

Those hands were too cool.  Remind you of anything?

The rest of the charms I purchased for some fun gift making (I’m thinking about Christmas gift giving already).

I also made a search for some laceweight yarns as there is a sad lack of laceweight in my stash. Habu Textiles had so many beautiful ones to choose from.  But the lovely colors of the Bamboo Lace finally won the place of honor. 

Then I stopped into another booth to purchase a funny mug with goofy sheep on it, and spotted the Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace.  I decided the laceweight would pack down fairly tightly so purchased 2 balls.  Of course once I got it home and read the label closer I did have a bit of a giggle.

No matter….I think I’ll get good results with crocheting it too.

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