It gets Worse, Before it gets Better

This ongoing project of turning what was my Massage office into my Design office is getting a bit cumbersome.  At the moment this is the state it is in.

My dream idea of a well-organized and peaceful work environment does seem a bit out of reach.  Especially as I go thru my stash of fabric, yarn, threads, buttons etc…the more I discover I have.  I am in that stage of organizing, where the work you do seems to create a major mess.

It’s all good though.  Sorting thru the accumulations of 20 some years of creative supplies seems to inspire new ideas.  So I’m taking sketch breaks to note things down. 

Then when I have a “dry” day, I’ll have loads of notes to get the well running again.  Admittedly I have rarely had “dry” days, but just in case.

2 thoughts on “It gets Worse, Before it gets Better

  1. Establishing something like that is a process not unlike an archeological dig. Right now you are patiently (we’ll assume, LOL) sifting through the surface layers. But soon, you’ll begin to harvest the treasures!

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