Dangerous Pursuits

Now, it’s not what you think.  I’ve not taken up sky-diving or motor-cycle racing.  It’s just my goofy thoughts on the hazards of me going into a craft/hobby store.

I had to stop by JoAnns the other day for some poster board.  I had opened my big mouth last spring and found myself in charge of the first PTO fundraiser of the year.  As part of all this I needed to make some posters.

The poster board is located about 1/2 way down the first aisle when I walk into my local JoAnns and the registers are not terribly far from there as well.  Yet, I somehow managed to make a full loop of the store.  Becoming more inspired by the moment.

There was fabric that I knew I could make some lovely things with.  Cotton yarns were on sale.  Cotton yarn in large balls and gorgeous colors.  Ooooo, there are more yarns on sale over there.  Ideas for things I could make began hopping about in my brain like some sort of crazed popcorn kernels.

“Whoa there, hold on a minute missy!” my wiser self said to the creative crazed self.  “Exactly when, amongst all the deadlines personal and professional you are currently juggling, do you think you will have time to start, let alone do, any of these new projects?”

I’m proud to say, I purchased only 2 pieces of foamcore and 1 very bright piece of poster board.  Though there were some seriously heart tugging longing looks being cast at that cotton yarn by my creative self.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Pursuits

  1. So should I congratulate you for such awesome resolve, or cast careful looks around to see where the Pod People left the REAL Andee? 😉

    1. LOL! I think congratulations are in order. I promise, no Pod People were involved. In fact, I’m not guaranteeing how often I’ll pull that feat off.

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