A Very Big Year

I’ve been telling myself that 2011 is going to be a big year for me as a designer, artist and writer.  First off because I plan to have my design office and art studio spaces in fully functioning well-organized shape by the start of the year.

To that end I decided that I needed a big wall calendar to help me track the various deadlines personal and professional that are part of my life.  I am a very visual person so I like having that info up on the walls. 

I already had a wonderful 2010 At-A-Glance full year calendar.  The kind you can write on with a dry-erase marker (or in my case cover with brightly colored sticky notes).

Since 2010 is more than half over, I wanted to have 2011 up there beside it as well.  My local office supply stores didn’t have 2011 calendars currently.  They were all still carrying the academic ones that start July 2010 and end June 2011. 

I went online.  There it was, the exact calendar I wanted.  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! I didn’t think to actually measure the other one.  After all how many large wall calendar sizes could there be?  The new calendar was delivered today.

So 2011 is definitely a very big year.  Hopefully the size of the calendar will be a reflection of success in the coming year. Though I think I may have to size down when I get my 2012 calendar, there really isn’t room on the wall for 2 calendars of those dimensions (maybe I could use the back of the door?).

4 thoughts on “A Very Big Year

  1. So happy to hear things are coming together for you and the design business – the office/studio space is looking great (and so are you, enjoyed the brunch!). Don’t let all that testosterone at your house get to you :-).

  2. I think that maybe in 2012, you might need an even BIGGER calendar! Because you are gonna’ be soooooo busy. (and I can say “I knew her when…” lol)

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