How much Yarn?

That was the question in my mind recently when I decided to finally attack the task of making an inventory of my yarn stash.  I hired a friend to help as each time I’ve attempted to get a handle on things I get too overwhelmed or distracted by the beautiful yarn.

First thing we did was corral every bit of yarn from my household and work areas into one corner of my office.  I was happily amazed that it took up far less room than I had anticipated.

Then began the counting. 

I had already gotten a good portion of it sorted out by yarn company. 

And I had purchased some bright green dots to put on each skein as it was counted, as well on the containers that were filled with inventoried yarn.

My friend Laura really is a marvel.  She has helped me with numerous organizing projects over the years.  Best of all for this project, she has  no interest in yarn and fiber, so is the ideal candidate for keeping me on task. 

Whenever I would get all a flutter about the re-discovery of a beautiful skein in my stash, she would be asking what to put into the spreadsheet about it.  She did grace me occasionally with a kind comment about a color that caught her eye.  And we had many a good chuckle about some of the color names.

I am now down to the last 15% of the inventory job.  This is the part where I identify all the yarn that has lost its ball bands and map out storage locations so I can find the yarn I want when it is time to crochet this all up into lovely swatches and designs.