Well, things are going a bit slower than I like, but progress is happening with the Design office. 

 The shelves are all in place.  The Bulletin Boards are installed.  Now it is becoming more of an issue of sorting thru the accumulations of “stuff” that seems to be coming out of the woodwork.

One of the largest projects is taking an inventory of all my yarn.

Yep, that is a scary one.  Fortunately help is arriving in a few minutes in the form of my friend Laura.  She’ll keep me on track, she’s not a yarnie like me.

Of course the good news is I may be sending some yarn to new homes once I have a better handle on how much I really have.

Then there is all the fabric, the thread, the beads, drawing and sketching materials.  Okay, I’m tired again.

Note to self:  Sort thru and pitch (or donate) stuff regularly to avoid this monumental task in the future.

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