CLF Crochet Retreat

Oh boy, I can hardly wait! In just a little over a month I take off for the Crochet Liberation Front Retreat at Camano Island.  This is going to be a fun time of stitching with pals, taking classes and enjoying the beautiful North West.

Photo from CLF Website of the Ocean at Cama Beach

I have a passion for the ocean. Maybe it is because I was born and raised in land-locked Kansas, and currently live in land-locked Colorado.  The rhythm of ocean waves is one of my favorite sounds. 

Combining the joy of being near the ocean with the joy of crocheting and comaradery of fellow CLF friends. Heaven!  If you haven’t registered for the retreat yet go check out the CLF website.

If being there everyday isn’t an option for you, there are day passes available.  You can join in the retreat activities of the day and take a class or two.  There is a great line-up of classes and teachers, and I’ll be giving a talk Monday evening on Crochet Ergonomics.  Hope to see lots of folks there.

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