Getting something off my Chest

Think Pink it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Yes, not a humorous topic, and something that many may be tired of hearing about.  Still it needs to be said.  I now have the privilege of having lived long enough to know a number of Breast Cancer survivors. Their stories can be heart-rending, and a few of them are still battling the big C.

Cancer is scary stuff, expensive to treat and all around not something anyone wants to think about tangling with.  Some folks get a lousy draw of the cards and others are just exposed to the wrong combo of environmental or food influences that cause cancer to visit them.

Any way you look at it though one thing is quite clear.  The earlier cancer is detected the better your prognosis is (Prognosis is basically Doctor-speak for “your chances for survival” which seemed a bit grim for even me).

So ladies, and any gentlemen reading this, take the appropriate steps to be on guard for cancer in its early stages.  Self Exams, awareness of what is “normal” for how your skin and breasts appear.  Regularly visiting your healthcare practitioner for wellness check-ups and appropriately scheduled testing like PAP smears and Mammograms.

And make an effort to learn what you need to know about your family health history and how simple lifestyle changes can position you for optimal health and wellness your entire life.

Now we will return you to our regularly scheduled drooling over yarn, crochet design, chocolate and art.

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