Gift for a Thanksgiving Baby

Some neighbors just had a baby girl, so I decided she needed some crochet style to see her thru our mountain winter.  She is a petite one, beginning her life journey weighing in at only 6.6 pounds.

Baby Hat and Car Blanket

The car blanket is just a quick 23″ x 23″  V-stitch granny square with an opening for a car-seat buckle to fit thru.  I used my Little Noggins Cap pattern with a worsted weight yarn, which resulted in a slightly larger hat than the gauge on the pattern (perfect for a slightly larger than premie baby). 

The yarn is Premier Yarns’ Deborah Norville Collection EveryDay Soft Worsted.  This is the first time I’ve used this yarn and I am really loving the feel and resulting finished project. I won a bag of 3 balls in the “American Hero” colorway at the CLF Retreat in October.  I used every bit of the 3 balls for this hat and blanket.

I liked the colors because there was some pinkish tones in this yarn without it being too “girlie”.  I’m one of those people who gets very tired of pastel baby yarns and I knew my friends would also prefer something not too frou-frou.

The EveryDay Soft Worsted is named aptly. It is super soft even before being washed.  I machine washed and dried the finished hat and blanket to be sure they wouldn’t be a pain for my friends to launder.  Hopefully these will be well used by them, as this new baby and their 4 year old son keep them on their toes.

Welcome baby K.

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