Twas the Week before Christmas

7 days and Counting

I hear you all out there scrambling to finish gift projects.  You are crocheting (or knitting) like mad fiends in every spare moment you can find.  Meetings at work are viewed as an opportunity to get a few rows done.  And that long train/bus or subway commute isn’t too bad if you can find a stable spot to sit or stand and stitch.

You are staying up late. You’re stitching for hours on end.  And very likely you are ignoring those twinges and aches in your shoulders, neck, arms and hands.

I know I’m not going to persuade you that you should stop tormenting yourself.  Heck! I’m in a similar boat.  But I’m doing okay because I’m adding in a few ways of taking care of myself.

I like to listen to music or watch movies when I am working.  Sometimes my TV shows are on.  I make sure to set some sort of interval that I am going to stop for a moment and do something else.  Every time the commericials start or at the end of a certain song or scene. 

Yes, that is a sneaky way of saying I take a break.  Remember the rule with breaks is, you don’t have to go do yoga in the corner.  Get up and move! That’s it.

Go switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  Get a drink of water. Run to the loo.  Just move your body in a way that is different from crouching over your crafting.

Of course, I’m also reminding myself regularly not to “crouch” over my project. Keeping my shoulders and neck relaxed really gives me more energy and efficiency when stitching.  So between my “Get up and Move” breaks I take little mini-breaks.

Mini-breaks are just a quick moment to take a deep breath, relax my shoulders, maybe look up at the ceiling or gently twist my neck from side to side.  Anymore these are such a habit that I do them without thinking.  I can even keep stitching often times.

I know it seems counter-intuitive that taking time for a break of any sort will speed up the progress of your project, but it really works.  Those little breaks add to your overall energy level and improve your chances of working “smarter” instead of “harder”.

Also a reminder. If you are still looking for some quick gifts for some of the folks on your list my first pattern “Little Christmas Wreath” is very speedy.  You can make it as a brooch or a fun little ornament for the tree.  Even makes a great Fridge magnet.

Take a look over at my Happy Holidays post to get the coupon code for a complimentary copy.

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