Ooooo Sparkly!

This past weekend included another Saturday night spent (or is that mis-spent?) at the LambShoppe with my stitching friends.  Admittedly the amount of actual stitching I got done was minimal.  But I did do some damage shopping for yarn and consuming yummy food.

Yummy Yarn

Everyone brings a dish or nibbles to share.  My contribution was a Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese ball.  Even me, with my severe culinary challenges, can manage to mash up smoked salmon with cream cheese and shape it into a ball.  I also provided gluten-free crackers to eat with it.

When I wasn’t being a social butterfly visiting with the friends there I was having fun cruising about petting yarn and filling a shopping basket with balls that needed a home.  Some of this yarn is destined to be sent away as gifts to stitching pals further afield.  Much of it is for me to play with though.

In particular is this gorgeous stuff. Lang Yarns’ LanaLux (40% Merino, 28% Polyamide/Nylon, 32% Polyster).  Anita, one of the owners of the LambShoppe actually helped me find this yarn at the last PJ Jam. I was on the hunt for seriously sparkly yarns.  You have to admit, this is seriously sparkly.

It is also really fun to stitch with.  I made up a couple of my Little Christmas Wreaths in it and was quite pleased with the way the yarn performed as well as the beauty of the finished wreaths.  I may have to come up with some other fun designs using this yarn.

I keep visualizing an open work FreeForm Lace style capelet.  Worn over a black shirt it could make for a wonderful bit of dazzle and warmth for New Year’s Eve. The more sedate version would be to use one color.  But the wild woman in me is seeing something using every color.

So on this jaunt I was determined to acquire every shade they had available to experiment with.  There will also be a few more wreaths made as gifts for family and friends this holiday season.

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