The 11th Day

Today is the 11th day of 2011. Being I like alliteration and I have not managed to blog yet in this New Year I thought I would try to get something in here today.

It’s been very cold and snowy up here on my mountain since the beginning of 2011.  In fact, due to the crummy weather, we chose to stay home for New Year’s Eve.  I was up all on my own til midnight, the rest of my family having gone to bed hours before.

I ushered in the New Year the way that I’ve been spending it ever since. Crocheting.

In fact, so far, 2011 has been all about crocheting and writing crochet patterns.  I knew that it was going to be a busy year, but this is even busier than I had expected.

As always happens when I am so busy, my brain seems to go into overdrive with ideas for crochet designs.  The cold weather is helping in some ways as I am really wishing I had finished the Alpaca mittens and hat that I have planned for myself.

I find Alpaca to be one of the warmest fibers I’ve ever worn. Even living on a mountain it is often too warm for me to wear.  So when the thermometer drops below freezing it is a great opportunity to get out the extra warm fibers.

Of course, all is not lost.  This is only the beginning of the freezing cold temperatures this year, so I’ll have other chances to wear my Alpaca goodies.  Now, all I have to do is find time to make them.

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