A Hook Named Houdini

This is my Favorite Hook these days, but it has some very bad habits.

I have named this hook Houdini because….it is an escape artist.

There is not a project bag, work-basket or work-table that this hook has not escaped from.  The number of times I have torn apart my work area and my car looking for it are past counting.

This is where Houdini is supposed to live.  But I get clever and I think if I keep the hook with the project of the day it won’t go missing.

Yesterday evening I finished a project with Houdini.  During the 3 days I had been working on the project, this particular hook had gone missing 4 times.

When I finished the project I set Houdini down on my work table and was counting my last row to make notes in the pattern I was writing.  I heard a mysterious thump. Houdini was off and running again.

After a lengthy search today involving the moving of my work chair and all the surrounding project bags and baskets I located Houdini this evening wedged in the edge of a basket.

Now, my usual rule of thumb for my favorite style and size hooks is to have more than one. Of course this was before I fell madly and utterly in love with the Tulip Company’s Etimo hooks.  Which used to be very difficult to obtain in the US.

My first Etimos were purchased at the August 2009 Chain Link show in Buffalo, NY at the Tulip Company’s booth.  Then I purchased my set in the case above from Ms. Julep on Etsy in October of that year. 

I’m thrilled to bits that Caron is now the American distributor of these hooks. I love their yarns and the hooks. 

Currently they have the Etimo hooks on sale and I am sorely tempted to go purchase more size I hooks. I have a duplicate J-hook and it always stays put.

Though I have to wonder. Harry Houdini was an Escape Artist as a form of entertainment and personal challenge.  Does this mean that Houdini the hook will continue to make escapes to entertain its self?

2 thoughts on “A Hook Named Houdini

  1. My favorite H hook does the very same thing. I know it sprouts legs and walks away the minute I turn my back. I have found him in some pretty strange places. I call him “The Wanderer.”

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